Zippy Cook Gift Card

  • Zippy Cook Gift Card

Zippy Cook Gift Card

  • Looking for a uniquely crafted organic chocolate gift and not sure what to select? Looking for the vegan chocolate? This gift card is the answer. In addition to a chocolate bliss of the made to order delicacy, you would gift the joy of choosing just what the person needs. 

    Our card works on every chocolate assortment in our collections, including bespoke (custom) orders. 


    Since 2016, our exclusive delicacies have been handcrafted in Cleveland, Ohio in small batches with Cocoture® and organic chocolate. What about ingredients? Our recipes are gluten, dairy and soy free. We believe in selecting the highest quality, freshest ingredients. Organic chocolate in our delicacies is fair-trade, naturally Vegan and made with no ingredient shortcuts or substitutions. The colors you see are all natural from the ingredients such as berries, oils and spices. We offer choice of organic sweetener with some of our confections, including sugar free option (sweetened with stevia blend).