Caramel Brown Gourmet Cocoture Truffles in Hemp Hearts 12pc

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  • Caramel Brown Gourmet Cocoture Truffles in Hemp Hearts 12pc

Caramel Brown Gourmet Cocoture Truffles in Hemp Hearts 12pc

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  • These truffles are made from Zippy Cook's Caramel Brown Gourmet Cocoture and rolled in raw shelled hemp seeds.

    Caramel Brown Gourmet Cocoture is sweetened with coconut sugar. It attracts caramel lovers due to its distinct flavor notes of caramel and butterscotch. Expertly crafted in small batches using our signature blend of cocoture, these truffles are perfect to tantalize your senses or as a gift.

    Ingredients: organic coconut (solids and oil), coconut sugar, raw shelled hemp seeds

    Cocoture candy is over 95% organic creamed coconut. Because of this, it's substantial amount of coconut oil comes from organic coconut itself, in it's unprocessed raw form, in addition to the coconut fiber and other nutrients. It also includes virgin organic coconut oil. 

    Depending on the shape and size, there is approximately 4-5 g of creamed coconut and additionally 2.1-2.6 g of virgin organic coconut oil in each candy.
     What it is What it is not
    Delicious, unique and inspirational Not boring

    Sugar free, if desired

    No preservatives or artificial ingredients

    Made from organic coconut No cocoa butter, milk, soy lecithin or other additives
    Handmade one of a kind artisan product Not mass produced


    Inspired by the power of "the tree of life", cocoture is made of very few carefully selected ingredients. It is soy, gluten and dairy free; Vegan, Paleo friendly and works for a wide variety of modern day diets.

    Cocoture truffles taste the best served at the room temperature.  We suggest removing them from the refrigerator 30 min or longer before serving.

    Cocoture truffles will begin to melt at above 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Solid or melted Cocoture remains delicious.

    Zippy Cook believes in selecting best, freshest ingredients and does not use preservatives or artificial ingredients in any products.

    Warning: May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts

    Cocoture candy is handmade in Cleveland, OH. Product of the USA