We are Zippy Cook

We created Zippy Cook with active lifestyle and the concept of choice in mind. After all, we are what we eat. 

The story begins with our love for food and craft and everything that gives life flavor and zest, while healthy and tasty, so both could have a say in what we eat. To the point that once my, then 19 years old, son home from college said: "Mom, We eat so healthy it's impressive ... and food is so good, it is hard to stop. We have to do something about it" :-).

While I was figuring how to deal with the "too much" aspect and also puzzling over contradictory research of the same ingredients being good and bad, depending on the time of day or which article one reads, my sister in law landed on a very strict diet due to allergies. We had to do something... This is how Zippy Cook was born!

Cocoture candy are unique trademark and a product by Zippy Cook. These are vegan candy made primarily from organic coconut. Cocoture has very few ingredients. It is dairy, soy, gluten free, paleo friendly and can be sugar free if desired. 

Zippy Cook offers wide selection of Cocoture candy, including but not limited to rare vegan caramel of two different varieties. Dark caramel is my personal favorite. We also sell collections, which are in essence subscription featuring different assortment mailed to you on a monthly basis.

As far as we know, we are the only place that would design a candy or desert just for you. Our mission is to give the joy of good wholesome food to all, to include those, whom have limited their food preferences due to personal choice, diet or health condition. 

We take custom orders including but not limited to custom flavors, ingredients or dietary restrictions. You could even name it! To inquire contact support@zippycook.com.

Our newsletter subscribers are the first to know about new products and are the recipient of exclusive discounts. It is very easy to register here.

We believe in selecting the highest quality, freshest ingredients. We do not use preservatives or anything artificial. We carefully review the wellness value of each of our ingredients and invite you to make the final choice. 

Expertly crafted in small batches, using our signature recipes, our deserts are perfect to indulge on your own, share with others, or as a gift. We are a family owned business. We are passionate about food. We make every product to order, infuse it with care and warmth, and really hustle to get it in your hands.

All orders in every collection from Zippy Cook have an option to include card with your own custom text. If interested, please provide text in notes when ordering. 

Go ahead, try it...

Zippy Cook Team

Welcome temptation, guilt free