We are officially announcing the DO WHATEVER IT TAKES month! 
"I will do whatever it takes. I will make a million mistakes. I will make the world safe and sound for you." - Hamilton Musical

Bright colors and sweet earthy flavors invoke the feeling of happiness and expectation of new beginnings! Spring flavors are green tea matcha, cranberry orange almond, cinnamon raisin, chocolate sugar plums and of course organic Cocoture®  and organic dark chocolate.

Primarily organic and non-GMO ingredients, no additives.
Vegan, Keto and Paleo friendly.
Gluten, dairy and soy free.
Sugar free option. Treat yourself guilt free!
Option to include card with your own custom message at no extra cost. We accept custom orders including but not limited to custom flavors, ingredients or dietary restrictions. To inquiry contact support@zippycook.com.
Chocolate Speaks: Sweet and Whimsy Hearts in a Box
On sale
Festive and Warm - Organic Dark Chocolate and Cocoture® Assortment Box
Naturally Sweet and Tangy Organic Dark Chocolate Sugar Plums in a Box
On sale
Spring Collection (2 boxes): Sweet & Sunny Gourmet Organic Chocolate and Cocoture®Assortments
On sale
Sweet Tropical Flavors and Fresh Mints - White Cocoture® Assortment Box
Chocolate Speaks: Sunshine and Love - Organic Chocolate and Cocoture® Assortment Box
On sale
Chocolate Speaks: Sweet and Happy Beginnings - Organic Chocolate Assortment Box