NEW: Cleveland Date Duo in a Small Gift Box

  • NEW: Cleveland Date Duo in a Small Gift Box

NEW: Cleveland Date Duo in a Small Gift Box

  • The most delish caramelized organic Medjool dates stuffed with lightly salted soft pistachio grilyazh and hand dipped in highest quality, organic, fair trade, naturally vegan chocolate. Simply the best 😋For the coffee lovers we recommend Espresso flavor, where dates are dipped in our signature Espresso chocolate, hinted with the crafted blend of organic coffee beans.

    Most boxes have both dates dipped in dark chocolate. Occasionally we have a lucky box with one date dipped in dark chocolate and one dipped in white chocolate for fun. 

    Cleveland Date is a perfect pairing of fruit, nut and chocolate, brimming with flavor. It is a beauty, looking super cute in a playfully whimsical and inspiring mini-suitcase gift box. Each suitcase contains two Cleveland Dates. Enjoy!


    Warning: Produced on shared equipment and may contain traces of allergens. Contains nuts.

    Handmade with love in Cleveland, Ohio. Just like the real dates, each of our candy is of its own unique shape and size. The mini-suitcase box is 9.5 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches. Each chocolate is wrapped in foil. The foil wrap color may differ. Gluten and dairy free ingredient list.