Our Bespoke Collection now offers delicacies made from the whole cacao fruit dark chocolate. Single ingredient. Nothing added, as far as chocolate goes. These are mildly sweet and will go well with your custom creation. Contact support@zippycook.com for your custom requests. Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.


 Our Bespoke collection is all about custom made chocolates, be it flavors, ingredients or looks. Our signature assortment in this collection is nicknamed Amber. It features chocolate made with three organic ingredients and sweetened by dates. You can just ask for Amber, when contacting us for your bespoke order, and we will help you with specifics and final customizations. These usually price between $24 and $35 depending on your final selections.

We constantly try new designs and recipes in our chocolate lab and we are always available to discuss your very own ideas or to customize flavors and ingredients for our existing collections. To design your very own chocolates, order party, wedding or corporate gifts, custom, themed or larger orders, email your inquiry to support@zippycook.com

Zippy Cook Gift Card
Zippy Cook Gift Card
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