New in the Fall Collection: Plums in Organic Chocolate

This delicacy is the very essence of indulgence with chocolate on the outside, and fruity passion of dried plum on the inside. The pleasure and joy of eating these chocolates will make you happy and happiness for sure is a major health benefit ...

Seriously, we use the highest quality most delicious dried plums and coat them in a thin layer of pure tempered organic chocolate. 

How is this better versus traditional candy? Well, let's start with the fact that dried plum is naturally sweet and sugar free, while high in dietary fiber. Dried plums are high in vitamins and have shown health benefits in various studies.

Our organic chocolate is dairy, soy and gluten free, as is most of the highest quality chocolate. We offer four different sweetener options, including two different sugar free options: organic coconut blossom sugar, organic stevia blend, sweetened with plums, organic cane sugar. For these specific candy we recommend coconut blossom sugar, however the choice is yours!

This delicacy is available as as separate Plums in Organic Chocolate Assortment or in our Holiday Collection 2018.

Disclaimer: Zippy Cook does not provide medical or nutritional advice of any nature. Our facility is not guaranteed to be free of allergens. However we do guarantee all ingredients to be as listed and of the highest quality. Your pleasure and joy are guaranteed or we will refund the cost, no questions asked!



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