The art of gift giving. The gifts that say

How often do we hear a story of a gift gone wrong? Re-gifting, gift receipts, long lines to return gifts after the Holidays - aren't all of these the humanity's futile attempt to solve a problem of the gift gone wrong? How do you feel when you have no need or liking for the gift and also do not want to offend the giver?

Yet the solution is simple. Listen, understand, know, hear, remember what your friends and loved once like, want, need and care about. But we keep moving forward and we are always in a hurry, and so we give a gift that is just a check mark... 

Is the problem our humanity, the very same one that keeps us from following thru on the New Year resolutions or from keeping up the exercise routine starting Mon ... ? Is it lack of emotional intelligence or lack of time in our always busy life?

We, the humanity, even invented the kind of gifts that are supposed to always be a good fit. One can never go wrong with flowers and candy. Can one? One absolutely can ... 

If you are going with candy, give your time and attention to choosing just the right kind. As always, we will support you by helping choose from our many flavors and the carefully selected ingredients we use.

Do you know the person you love well enough to design a delicacy just for them? Will you go thru the trouble of giving them truly unique and special gift? If you do, please contact us at

ITS a CHALLENGE. The first 3 custom orders are on us this Holiday Season. Yes, we will spend our time designing the flavor, making and beautifully packaging your gift for free. All you need to give is your time and pay the shipping cost.

Give the gift that says "I love you"!



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