Spotlight on CHOCOLATE. Additives and problematic ingredients.

Featured in this blog post is the picture of Cocoture candy. Does it not look decadent? Naturally we are partial ... but as far as we are concerned it is better than the best chocolate.

We used to think that chocolate is less likely, versus other foods, to have concerning additives or ingredients. That is because it's natural composition is addictive as it is + it preserves for a long time with no additional effort as long as it's kept cool and dry.

The reality is vastly different. The reason most manufacturers add ingredients, that in our opinion are questionable, is mostly to reduce cost, enhance flavor or to reduce storage requirements.

While it is illegal in USA to have chocolate with no cocoa butter as one of the ingredients, it is OK to have other fats included, many of them unhealthy. 

Practically every brand is using emulsifiers, of which most typical is soy lecithin but some go as far as using ammonium phosphatides. These make chocolate taste better and production of it cheaper. There also are chemicals that are oil binders and crystal promoters. The list goes on and on.

Note that this is before we even get to anything that is natural but could be cause of allergic reaction for some people. We believe that additives and preservatives in our food are one of the root causes for the growing number of food sensitivities, allergies and overall digestive issues.

One of the goals we set out to achieve with Cocoture is the wholesome product that does not use any chemicals - NONE, but could still have the decadent look and feel. It took long time and multiple attempts to get to where we are today. We will let you judge from the picture of Cocoture in this post if we succeeded in achieving this goal







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