How Cocoture Was Born: Day 1 - Chocolate or NO Chocolate

Strongly believing that chocolate and happiness go hand in hand, I was soooo.. glad to see the first research coming out some years ago that it also could be healthy, especially so in the case of dark chocolate, due to the benefit from cocoa solids containing an array of nutrients, soluble fiber, minerals and not to mention powerful antioxidants. Studies were coming out claiming that it can improve health and lower the risk of heart disease. This was the dream come true.

Then more research came out and the issue became controversial. Sifting thru various studies and listening on the radio to the expert discussions, I figured it's good as long as it's a replacement for some calories in the daily intake ...

Still there is saturated fat and sugar in chocolate. There also are additives and preservatives in most brands. Commonly dairy products are present and emulsifiers, of which most common is soy lecithin. Some brands use chemical emulsifiers etc.

Finding a non-dairy chocolate was possible but finding one that takes care of all the question marks that were rolling thru my head was next to impossible... It seemed like the best outcome was to eat cocoa by the spoon. Could there be other alternatives ????

To be continued ...


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